Spacecraft Demise Workshop
Tuesday 24 October 2017
First Spacecraft Demise workshop
SCDW Objectives:
          Assess the quality of re-entry risk analysis tools by intercomparison of the various data sources (numerical, analytical, experimental).
          Assess the uncertainties in the modelling of the various disciplines, in order to take them into account in a statistical analysis.
          Promote interaction between members of the spacecraft demise community.

Test cases overview:
          They are grouped in three categories:
                   * Aerothermodynamic model validation (6 mandatory cases + 15 optionnal cases)
                   * Thermal model validation (2 mandatory cases)
                   * Integration simulation validation (12 mandatory cases)

General information:
          Participants are invited to register on the dedicated workshop website (in the "Members area").
          This workshop is OPEN : every company, research lab or agency interested can participate with the tools of its choice.
          All results will be available to all participants on the dedicated workshop website.
          Description of test cases, volume grids and surface meshes will be provided on the workshop website.
          A working group meeting with the preliminary results and comparisons has been held the 14th of October 2014 at CNES premises.
         The final 1st workshop has been held from 2 to 6 March 2015 collocated with 8th
ESA Aerothermodynamics conference.
         The presentations of both the CNES event and the 1st workshop are available in the "Members area" for registered users.

          The continuation of the Spaccraft Demise Workshop is under consideration. Unfortunately ESA and CNES, who in the past made available the meeting rooms and took care of the logistics, have decided to no further support the workshop initiative and therefore we are looking for other means of organising the events. R.Tech will continue to maintain the site and will continue to perform the data processing and eventually the comparisons, as before on own funding. Since this is a time consuming task, any proposal from partners to help us keep alive this initiative are welcome.

For more information contact: